Common Myths About Emotional Support Dogs and Service Dogs

As dogs are being trained to help people in various conditions. More and more individuals are incorporating a dog into their lives. Service dogs and emotional support dogs are becoming a more common sight in society. People who are suffering from any mental or physical conditions, ESAs and service dogs can help in restoring a quality life and providing peace of mind. The right of those who use service dogs and emotional support dogs are protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act and as a result, these animals are more accepted now then they were ever before. ESA Letter is helpful to you if you want to bring your pet inside house.



Whether you own a service dog who performs specific tasks for you or an emotional support dog whose presence helps you to minimize the effects of emotional or psychological issues. That said, there are still many misconceptions about the service dogs and emotional support dogs such as:


All service animals are the same

While it is very easy to put all the service animals into a single category, they actually fall into three different categories depending on the type of service they provide. Service dogs receive special training to perform specific tasks that their owners are unable to complete themselves due to any disability. ESAs are not specifically trained to help those suffering from any psychological or emotional conditions. While not considered as service dogs, emotional support dogs can be legalized by getting an emotional support dog letter from a licensed healthcare professional.


Therapy dogs are another class of service animals. They are quite similar to the emotional support animals in the functionalities they provide. More often, they are used in groups so that their benefits can be enjoyed by many people.


Anyone can get an ESA

While it can be true that anyone can have a pet to bring emotional and psychological support. But this does not mean that any type of animal can qualify for an ESA. For a pet to be truly considered as an ESA, a licensed health professional must determine that an ESA benefits you. Once it is done, a letter is issued to legalize your pet as an ESA. An emotional support animal letter must be renewed after every one year to remain valid.


Service dogs are only protected under the ADA law

There are a number of legislation pieces that protect those who use ESAs. For instance, the Air carrier access act protects the rights of ESA owners to take animals on the plane with proper documentation. Likewise, the housing rights are protected by the Fair Housing Act, in which the landlords cannot discriminate against those having an emotional support animal. ESA letter online serves as a legal permit that allows people who suffer from mental or physical disabilities to live in with their emotional support animals.


ESA dog rules differ by state

Rules for ESAs and service dogs are not the same at the state level but instead, they are governed by federal law. There are also many other state regulations that enhance access for those who use a service dog or an emotional support animal. The main rights for both categories are protected under federal legislation such as the Air Carriers Access Act and Fair Housing Act.


Training of service dogs only take a few days

Training of service dogs never ends. Service dogs are trained to learn new things and adapt to their owner’s needs. In addition to that, it is very common for fully trained dogs to have touch up on things that they have already learned. But typically, a service dog takes about two years to complete the training from start to finish. But before this, you need to let your child examined by a mental health therapist and once he issues you an emotional support animal letter or ESA letter, then you can easily bring your emotional support dog home. 


If you think that you can benefit from a service dog or an emotional support dog, consider the above-mentioned myths and make an informed decision.


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